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Wilson County, Texas, Diversified Farming Center Of Southwest Texas C. L. PATTERSON

Wilson County, Texas, Diversified Farming Center Of Southwest Texas


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Publication: Floresville Chronicle-Journal, 1939, Floresville, Texas

First edition. 8vo. Blue pictorial wrappers, 32 pp., illustrated from photographs. A land promotion pamphlet with an attitude, this booklet opens with praise for the working man and condemnation of those who live off his labors: "But for the lowly, unsung masses, the 'great' would be not. The masses who do the actual producing are rarely noticed while the parasites living off them occupy space in history, yet it is the masses who save civilization and make progress, despite the load of bloodsuckers, leeches, parasites, infecting them and their institutions. He who makes a blade of grass grown, drives a plow, swings a shovel, aids in the betterment of his fellows...is a useful citizen, while the parasite who thinks the world owes him a living is a curse and menace to society." This proclamation is followed by a chatty history of Wilson County that highlights the some of the area's successful farms and ranches, discussion of the specific crops (spinach, onions, watermelons, peas, corn, peanuts, hay, cotton, pecans) and livestock raised there, and a quite detailed recitation of the businesses and institutions of the communities of Floresville, Poth. Stockdale, LaVernia, Southerland Springs, Pandora, and Saspamco (named for the San Antonio Sewer Pipe and Manufacturing Company, of course). Covers very lightly used else a near fine copy.

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