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Unusual Metal Drum From Cochiti Pueblo UNKNOWN ARTISAN

Unusual Metal Drum From Cochiti Pueblo


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Publication: Privately produced, n d (ca 1950), Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico

This is a strikingly interesting 9 1/4" x 8 1/4" drum from Cochiti Pueblo, the pueblo most known for its drums. The drum was made from a strip of metal that was rolled and soldered, very atypical for a pueblo drum. It has rawhide drum heads on which are faint drawings of deer. Painted and unpainted drums of all sizes are used in pueblo ceremonies. Pueblos that do not have a drum maker will procure through purchase or trade, drums from another pueblo known for making drums. Pueblo songs are written to start slowly and then go to a climax. At a certain point of the song, the drum is flipped over to achieve a higher beat. This lifts the dancers and gives them the impetus to continue dancing. Almost all drums would have been made from wood, but we have never seen another one made from metal and as such it is quite rare. Fine condition.

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