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Typed Letter Signed (Tls) To A Fellow Bookseller LARRY MCMURTRY

Typed Letter Signed (Tls) To A Fellow Bookseller


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Publication: Typed by Larry McMurtry, 1998, N P

11" x 8 1/2" typed letter signed to a fellow bookseller dated 30 Oct. 1998. The letter is three paragraphs in length and says in part: "Dear Dr. Loblolly - As a long time customer I note with dismay the evident slackening of your interest in Laura Riding. Has she been relegated to the Autres Choses --- does that have something to do with Gene Autry?" McMurtry discusses his purchase of a Fort Worth, Texas bookshop: "We just bought Barber's in Ft. Worth, the oldest bookshop in Texas (since 1925) and the one in which I bought my first second hand book (in 1954)." He concludes his letter with an invitation to his colleague: "By early in the year 99 there will be excitement in Booktown. It might be worth it for you to drift this way." Signed in ink, "Best, L." The letter features the hand-drawn McMurtry family cattle brand at the top. Three faint fold lines else fine.

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