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Tutt And Mr. Tutt. by Arthur. Train

Tutt And Mr. Tutt.

by Arthur. Train

First edition. The correct first edition with the four errors contained on the "Contents" page. The very scarce first state with numerous errors on the Contents page, which is integral. The second state has the errors corrected and is on a stub. Four titles were incorrect, beginning with the first story, “Mock, Etc.” corrected to “Mock Hen and Mock Turtle.” A just about fine copy lacking the hopelessly rare dust jacket. Queen's Quorum 67 says, "It is interesting to note that in a list of books prepared by a committee of the Faculty of Harvard Law School for prospective law students -'books which will help them decide about the desirability of entering the legal profession or which will be of value in preparation for the study of law' - the tales of Tutt are included as 'an entertaining collection of short stories showing the great variety of questions which may confront a practicing lawyer and the chances for ingenuity.' So, Mr. Ephraim Tutt, tall and ungainly, with bony fingers and lank gray locks, with the inevitable stogy and the stove-pipe hat - in a phrase, the Lincolnesque legal beagle - has established his picturesque dignity even in the hallowed halls of Harvard - an academic acceptance seldom bestowed on fictional ferrets." A splendid copy of a scarce title.

Inventory Number: 41363