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Trials Of O'Brien. ROBERT L. FISH

Trials Of O'Brien.


Other works by ROBERT L. FISH

Publication: Published by The New American Library, 1965, New York

First edition. PBO. Signet D2821. Only PBO by this versatile writer of crime fiction. Fine, unread copy in pictorial wrappers. Novelization of the pilot episode of the short lived television series that starred Peter Falk. Fish is somewhat neglected by today's mystery readers, but his first book THE FUGITIVE, won the 1963 Edgar award for best first mystery novel, and his thirty-plus other books include pun-filled Schlock Holmes parodies, the fascinating Kek Huygens, Smuggler, and as Robert Pike, three novels featuring NYPD Lieutenant Clancy [memorably portrayed by Steve McQueen, with the name changed to Bullitt, in the movie version of the first Lt. Clancy novel, Mute Witness]. Front cover with two close-ups of Peter Falk.

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