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Tom Horn. Blood On The Moon. Dark History Of The Murderous Cattle Detective.  by  Chip. Carlson

Tom Horn. Blood On The Moon. Dark History Of The Murderous Cattle Detective.

by Chip. Carlson

First edition. On the 100th anniversary of Tom Horn's hanging, on November 20, 2003, author Chip Carlson will sign 31 numbered copies of a special anniversary edition of this book at the site of the execution. Symthe sewn and bound in Mocha Grand Levant, embossed with copper foil, and wrapped with a four color dust jacket. Each book will be handsigned by the author and numbered on a woodcut bookplate affixed archivally. Each book will be enclosed in a custom clam-shell box. The box is foiled stamped in copper and black, with a debossed insert of the Larry Edgar painting from the dust jacket. Each box is individually marked with a leather insert, foil stamped with the number of the book, of which this is number 25 of 31 copies. Also included are never-before-available color photographs of the Nickell murder site taken by the author on the 100th anniversary of Nickell's killing, a certificate of authenticity, and other biographical information. Full leather, 379 [2] pp., foreword, preface, introduction, illustrated, afterword, appendices, endnotes, bibliography, acknowledgments, index. Foreword by Larry D. Ball. Dust jacket blurbs by Elmer Kelton, Leon C. Metz, Dr. Phil Roberts, and Dr. Gene M. Gressley. One of the more notorious of the range detectives and the pre-eminent name in Wyoming history, Horn operated with a free-hand until he was arrested for the 1901 murder of the fourteen year-old son of a sheep-ranching settler. The murder and questionable nature of Horn's conviction still ignite firestorms of controversy among historians and Wyomingites in general. With new findings never before published, the author questions whether Horn was actually railroaded for a murder he did not commit, but could have. The author also points to a probable killer of Willie Nickell. As new in as new dust jacket. Slipcase.

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