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The Thin Man. Contained In Six Redbook Novels. by  Dashiell. Hammett

The Thin Man. Contained In Six Redbook Novels.

by Dashiell. Hammett

First edition. Quarto. Two-tone cloth spine and paper over boards without dust jacket, as issued. Near fine copy, housed in a slipcase with leather label on spine and titles stamped in gold. This edition is unusual and the story was issued originally by Redbook Magazine in December 1933, and thus the Redbook Magazine edition preceded the Knopf publication of 1934. This edition according to Layman's Dashiell Hammett, A Descriptive Bibliography A6.2 says, "Second edition. Includes THE THIN MAN printed from Redbook magazine (December 1933) plates. Distributed to subscribers as a premium, NOT FOR SALE. THE THIN MAN was first published in Redbook magazine. SIX REDBOOK NOVELS, published after the Knopf first book publication of the novel, was printed from the plates of the magazine publication. SIX REDBOOK NOVELS is, therefore, the first book publication from the first setting of type of THE THIN MAN." This complete issue contains novels by six prominent writers of the day. Each of the novels first appeared in the U. S. in Redbook magazine, and the stories are THE THIN MAN by Dashiell Hammett, THE FIGURE IN THE FOG by Mignon G. Eberhardt, THE CROSS OF PEACE by Sir Philip Gibbs, WHITE PIRACY by James Warner Bellah, PARADE GROUND by Charles L. Clifford, and THE BOOMERANG CLUE by Agatha Christie (this book was originally published in the U. K. in 1934 using the title WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS?. All stories are beautifully illustrated by Joseph Franke, Paul Ickes, or Floyd Davis.

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