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The Sisters.


Other works by ROBERT LITTELL

Publication: Bantam Books, 1986, Toronto

First edition. Fine in fine dust jacket. Francis and Carroll are CIA agents known as "the sisters Death and Night." What is it The Sisters do? They plot ... they work in the bowels of the agency, plotting through a variety of scenarios. And this time they believe they have uncovered a way to pull off the perfect crime. But what good is plotting if you don't test the theory? The Potter, the ex-head of the KGB Sleeper School, is called upon by The Sisters and manipulate him into betraying an old friend: the last Sleeper, who is living in the US. They smuggle the Potter and his wife out of the country and into the U.S., where he awakens The Sleeper. In a desperate attempt to right a dangerous and potentially disastrous wrong, the Potter must stop the Sleeper and foil the sinister plotting of the Sisters.

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