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The Nature Of The Beast. by Frances. Fyfield

The Nature Of The Beast.

by Frances. Fyfield

Publication: Little, Brown and Company, 2001, London:

First edition. Signed by the author. Fine in dust jacket. Douglas Petty, lover of too much wine and too many women, inherits his father's estate and dog sanctuary. When a tabloid newspaper prints a scurrilous story accusing him of cruelty to animals and/or bestiality, he sues for libel. Assured by his lawyers that with his wife's testimony, he has a good chance of winning the lawsuit. But then Amy Petty is involved in a horrible train crash. Authorities assume she perished in the fire but, in fact, Amy survives the crash and walks away into the night. Why has she decided to simply disappear? Slowly Amy reveals why she cannot return to her home, and why she can never escape the lies she was told as a child.

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