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The Mustangs by J. Frank Dobie

The Mustangs

by J. Frank Dobie

Publication: Little, Brown, 1952, Boston

First edition. 8vo. Two-tone pic. cloth, pic. end sheets, xvii, [1], 376 pp. Illustrated by Charles Banks Wilson. "The greatest of all books about range horses and rated by many as the best of Dobie's books." --Jeff Dykes. Campbell, p. 130: "Stories of mustangs and mustangers .... This book incorporates Dobie's Tales of the Mustang (1936) and part of Mustangs and Cow Horses, edited by Dobie, Boatright, and Ransom.... Famous mustangs are mentioned and their stories told. We learn of the ways, methods, and hardships of those who caught and tamed wild horses. It is the love of liberty of the wild horse which inspires the author and provides the theme of his book." Dobie, pp. 33, 81, 132, 151, 180. Dobie & Dykes, 44 & 44 #66: "Rated by many as the best of Dobie’s books." Fine in fine dust jacket. A range classic.

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