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The Mason County "Hoo Doo" War, 1874 - 1902. DAVID JOHNSON

The Mason County "Hoo Doo" War, 1874 - 1902.


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Publication: University of North Texas Press, 2006, Denton

First edition. 8vo. Signed by the author. Cloth, xiii [1], 332 pp., foreword, acknowledgments, introduction, illustrated, plates, portraits, maps, appendices, notes, selected bibliography, index. Because cattlemen owned cattle in several counties, while brand laws remained local, friction arose when the nonresident stockmen attempted to gather their cattle and mavericking was common. During 1874 the Hoo Doo War erupted in the Texas Hill Country of Mason County, and for the remainder of the century violence and fear ruled the region in a rising tide of hatred and revenge. Chuck Parsons says, "This is a thoroughly researched study, with great work in primary source materials. Johnson reveals his deep understanding of the reasons for the feud's beginning as well as its development and how it affected other people in the area." As new, unread copy in dust jacket.

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