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The Life And Crimes Of Perry Mallon. PETER BRAND

The Life And Crimes Of Perry Mallon.


Publication: Privately printed, 2006, Meadowbank, Australia

First edition. 8vo. Signed by the author. Additional research by Jean Smith and Jennifer Lewis. Introduction by Gary L. Roberts. Colored pictorial wrappers, 56 pp., introduction, illustrated, acknowledgments, notes and references, bibliography. Perry Mallon has always been something of a mystery in the story of Tombstone and its aftermath. He was not a friend of either the Earps or Doc Holliday, however in 1882, he arrested Holliday in Denver following the departure of the Earps, Holliday and their friends from Arizona. The arrest made him an instant celebrity. Despite all the fanfare, Mallon was a supreme confidence man who plied his trade along the railroad lines of the Central Pacific west of the Mississippi River. He primarily preyed on young women and businessmen and bilked the unwary into investing money with him. Some of the towns where he became notorious were Akron, Ohio, Omaha, Nebraska, Provo, Utah Territory, Pueblo, Colorado, Denver, Colorado, and many others. Mallon died in 1885. As new, unread copy.

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