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The Instant Enemy. by Ross. Macdonald

The Instant Enemy.

by Ross. Macdonald

First edition. Fine in dust jacket with a hint of wear to the head of spine. Laid-in to this copy is an invoice from Random House, Inc (who owned Alfred A. Knopf) addressed to Kenneth Millar, (Ross Macdonald) selling him 6 copies of THE INSTANT ENEMY at discount. Lew Archer is hired by Keith Sebastian, a Los Angeles business executive, to find his daughter Sandy, a high school senior who has disappeared with a homeless boy. Sebastian and his wife are living on the edge of affluent bankruptcy and seem unable to communicate with their daughter. Before Archer finds Sandy, she has participated in a violent crime. His efforts to save her from the consequences of her actions involve him in a savage plot twisting deep into the past. Attractive copy housed in a cloth slipcase.

Inventory Number: 40724