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The Grand Canyon Of Arizona, Through The Stereoscope FREDERICK SAMUEL DELLENBAUGH

The Grand Canyon Of Arizona, Through The Stereoscope



Publication: Keystone View Company Underwood & Underwood, 1904, New York

First edition. 8vo. Complete with 18 albumen silver print stereoviews [8 cm x 15.5 cm] on gray Keystone mounts [9 cm x 18 cm] with titles beneath the image and lengthy descriptions on the reverse. 64-page descriptive book present in publisher's brown cloth. Both the views and book are housed in a box and slipcase [19 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm] Title, publisher and bands gilt stamped on the spine of the slipcase. Very good. Fold-out map [35 cm x 3 cm] of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado present at the rear of the book. Map marks where the stereoviews in this set were shot. The book contains an introduction about the park by C.A. Higgins. This is followed by detailed descriptions of all eighteen views with explanatory notes by Dellenbaugh. We have previously only encountered this set as an Underwood and Underwood production. The mounts are all Keystone and include identical titles and descriptions of the Underwood and Underwood set. The book is the Underwood & Underwood edition. The box and slipcase list Keystone with the leather label 'Grand Canyon' laid on (with some care and effort as the gilt rules line up). An unusual variant of this work. "Eleven hundred miles west of Kansas City the Santa Fe Railroad takes you over the line into Arizona. It is a high, dry, barren land through which the train speeds, yet not vacant but full of interest in its own taciturn, uncompromising fashion. Occasionally you get a hint of what a canon is like, when the tracks across the gorge of some vanished river and you look down into the bed where torrents sometimes swept and foamed and battled with the ragged rocks that hemmed them in." - p.31.

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