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The Far West And Rockies Historical Series, 1820-1875. Fifteen Volumes by Leroy R. And Ann W. Hafen. Hafen

The Far West And Rockies Historical Series, 1820-1875. Fifteen Volumes

by Leroy R. And Ann W. Hafen. Hafen

Publication: The Arthur H Clark Company,1954-1961, Glendale

All First editions. Former owner of this set was the niece of Buffalo Bill Cody and so noted in ink on the pastedown sheet of Volume I. Fifteen volumes. All volumes in matching dark green cloth, with gilt on spine, as issued. Volume I: Old Spanish Trail. Santa Fe to Los Angeles: With Extracts From Contemporary Records and Including Diaries of Antonio Armijo and Orville Pratt, 1954. Cloth, 377 pp., illustrations, maps, portraits, index. Volume II: Journals of Forty-Niners; Salt Lake to Los Angeles: With Diaries and Contemporary Records of Sheldon Young, James S. Brown, Jacob Y. Stover, Charles C. Rich, Addison Pratt, Howard Egan, Henry W. Bigler, and others, 1954. Cloth, 333 pp., illustrations, maps, portraits, index Volume III: To the Rockies and Oregon, 1839-1842: With Diaries and Accounts by Sidney Smith, Amos Cook, Joseph Holman, E. Willard Smith, Francis Fletcher, Joseph Williams, Obadiah Oakley, Robert Shortess, T.J. Farnham, 1955. Cloth, 315 pp., illustrations, maps, portraits, index. Volume IV: SAGE, RUFUS B. - Rufus B. Sage: His Letters and Papers, 1836-1847, With an Annotated Reprint of His "Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, and the Grand Prairies". Two Volumes. Volume I, 1956. Cloth, 353pp., illustrations, maps, portraits. Volume V: [same title as Volume IV], Volume II, 1956. Cloth, 361 pp., illustrations, maps, portraits, index. Volume VI: BELL, JOHN R. - The Journal of Captain John R. Bell, Official Journalist for the Stephen H. Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, 1957. Cloth, 349 pp., illustrations, maps, portraits, ads., index. Volume VII: HEAP, GWINN HARRIS - Central Route to the Pacific: With Related Material on Railroad Explorations and Indian Affairs by Edward F. Beale, Thomas H. Benton. Kit Carson, and Col. E. A. Hitchcock, 1957. Cloth, 346 pp., illustrations, maps, plates, portraits, index. Volume VIII: HAFEN, LEROY R. The Utah Expedition 1857-1858. A Documentary Account of the United States Military Movement Under Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston, and The Resistance by Brigham Young and the Mormon Nauvoo Legion, 1958. Cloth, 375 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, index. Volume IX: Relations With The Indians of the Plains, 1857-1861. A Documentary Account of the Military Campaigns, and Negotiations of Indian Agents--- with Reports and Journals of P. G. Lowe, R. M. Peck, J. E. B. Stuart, S. D. Sturgis, and Other Official Papers, 1959. Cloth, 310 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, map, index. Volume X: The Diaries of William Henry Jackson Frontier Photographer, 1959. Cloth, 345 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, map, index. Volume XI: Fremont's Fourth Expedition. A Documentary Account of The Disaster of 1848-1849, With Diaries, Letters, and Reports by Participants in the Tragedy, 1960. Cloth, 319 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, map, index. Volume XII: Powder River Campaigns and Sawyers Expedition of 1865. A Documentary Account Comprising Official Reports, Diaries, Contemporary Newspaper Accounts, and Personal Narratives, 1961. Cloth, 386 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, maps, index. Volume XIII:Reports From Colorado, The Wildman Letters 1859-1865, With Other Related Letters and Newspaper Reports, 1859, 1961. Cloth, 333 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, map, index. Volume XIV: Handcarts To Zion, the Story of A Unique Western Migration 1856-1860, with Contemporary Journals, Accounts, Reports; and Rosters of Members of the Ten Handcart Companies, 1960. Cloth, 328 pp., illustrations, plates, portraits, appendices, index. Volume XV: The Far West and Rockies. General Analytical Index to the Fifteen Volume Series and Supplement to the Journals of Forty-Niners, Salt Lake to Los Angeles, 1961. Cloth,360 pp., index to the series. The first three volumes have former owner's small inventory label at top of front pastedown sheet and seven volumes have the announcement preceding its publication enclosed, else the set is comprised of first editions for each of the volumes. Overall a fine, attractive set.

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