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The Doublet Affair. by Fiona. Buckley

The Doublet Affair.

by Fiona. Buckley

Publication: Orion, 1998, London

First edition. Signed. Fine in fine dust jacket. Ursula Blanchard, lady in waiting and undercover spy at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, is being taught the secrets of lockpicking and is quickly sent to use her skills at Lockhill, a household suspected of disloyalty. With coins that are lighter than they should be along with boxes that play tunes, nothing seems quite right at Lockhill. As Ursula begins to piece together the clues, she realizes that there could be horrible consequences for the country. Although she is devoted to her Queen, Ursula has given her heart to Matthew De La Roche, a Catholic. When her husband turns out to have a connection with Lockhill, she has to decide between her career and her emotions. Should she save her husband, or herself and her country?

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