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The Co-Operative Century by Colorado Cattlemen'S Centennial Commission

The Co-Operative Century

by Colorado Cattlemen'S Centennial Commission

Publication: 1977

Colorado Cattlemen's Association 100th Anniversary Edition. First edition. Large quarto. Pictorial stiff wrappers, 200 pp., foreword, illustrated, advertisements, brands, the editor speaks, table of contents, index to advertisers, calendar of events. Almost the entire contents of this publication are devoted to the Colorado Cattlemen's Association and there is much of cattle interest, but there is also some information on the development of Denver, and some prominent businesses headquartered there. Includes "Early Spreads Started with Long Ropes and Longhorns by Al Look; "Conoco: An International Company with a Rocky Mountain Heritage;" "Hotel with a History" (the Broadmoor); stories on Union Pacific Railway; mining; Coke Roberts, one of Colorado's top quarter-horse breeders; the Denver National Bank; the Clark, Gruber & Co.; "Maybe Not Last - But 'Oh, My!'" by Jack Smillie (about one of Colorado's last roundups); "93 Years on the Western Slope" by Sue Field (the story of CPT John Gunnison and Gunnison County), information on heritage honorees to include "Kit" Carson, William MacLeod Raine, John Iliff, William Best, Charles Boettcher, John Evans, Otto Merrs, etc.; Information on various brands and their owners; etc. Fine copy.

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