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The Benteen-Goldin Letters W. A. (COLONEL RETIRED) GRAHAM

The Benteen-Goldin Letters



Publication: Col W A Graham, U S A RET'D, 1952, Pacific Palisades

"After Benteen's death, his letters to Goldin were sold to E. A. Brininstool. He later sold them to Phillip Cole of New York. After his death, they were sold to the Thomas Gilcrease Foundation. However Brininstool had retained a copy and allowed Graham to make copies for his study, and from that typed set, several copies were made and distributed" -- John Carroll. Dated 6 February 1952 and contains an introduction and a cover page explaining the differences between Brininstool's and Cole's copies. Typed mimeographed pages in a cloth binder, about one inch thick, and contains the unexpurgated text. This is a copy of the mimeographed copy of the original. Addressed at bottom corner to Mr. Don Hill of Los Angeles, California. Captain Frederick W. Benteen of the Seventh Cavalry made history on June 25 and 26, 1876, when he came to the rescue of Major Marcus A. Reno's command. Private Theodore W. Goldin was with Reno during the battle and later helped to bury Custer and his comrades. Benteen and Goldin had retired from the army when their correspondence began. Benteen's letters, collected by John M. Carroll, are an exciting record of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the Sioux War with tantalizing views of Custer and his wife, Libby; Reno; Generals Miles and Terry; and others. A very unique item and rare! For a detailed history see O'Keefe 958 and Dustin 292. Fine copy.

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