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The Battle Of The Red Fork T. J. GATCHELL

The Battle Of The Red Fork


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Publication: Old Travois Trails, 1942, Banner, Wyoming

First Edition. Pictorial Wrappers. Pages [29]-36&45. Appears in Old Travois Trails, Volume III, Number 2, July-August, 1942. "The Dull Knife Fight, or the Battle on the Red Fork, was a part of the Great Sioux War of 1876, fought on November 25, 1876, in present-day Johnson County, Wyoming between soldiers and scouts of the United States Army and warriors of the Northern Cheyenne. On November 25, 1876, Mackenzie found the camp of Dull Knife and Little Wolf on the Red Fork of the Powder River. The Cheyenne warriors were having a celebration because of a recent victory over a Shoshone village. Mackenzie waited until dawn, then attacked and drove the warriors from the village. Some were forced to leave their clothes, blankets and buffalo robes behind and flee into the frozen countryside. Dull Knife began to offer stiff resistance, and the fighting continued. The Pawnee warriors accompanying the soldiers fought with exceptional ability against the Cheyenne. Chief Dull Knife's Cheyenne warriors finally retreated, abandoning their village. The Cheyenne village of 200 lodges and all its contents were entirely destroyed, and the soldiers captured about 700 ‘head of stock.'" Fine copy.

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