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The Battle Of Sand Creek MORSE H. COFFIN

The Battle Of Sand Creek


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Publication: W M Morrison, 1965, Waco

First Book Edition. Limited Edition of 300 Copies. 40pp. Several Illustrations. Introduction. Footnotes. Introduction, footnotes, and editing by Alan W. Farley. This account was written in 1878 and originally published in the Colorado Sun in 1878 & 1879. The author came to Colorado in 1859, settled in Weld County in 1860. With Indian depredations in Colorado reaching a peak in 1864, Morse Coffin enlisted in Company D of the 3rd Colorado Volunteer Calvalry. As such Coffin saw action against the Cheyenne; most notably as a participant in a massacre led by Colonel Chivington at Sand Creek, in eastern Colorado. The Battle of Sand Creek or the Chivington Massacre was an infamous, and highly controversial event. Coffin's first-hand account is important, in that it is considered the most accurate and objective account by a participant to appear in print. As New condition. A scarce and important work. Copy of a lengthy obituary notice regarding the death of Morse H. Coffin laid-in.

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