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The Battle At Camp Cady DENNIS G. CASEBIER

The Battle At Camp Cady


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Publication: Published by the author, 1972, Norco, California

First edition. 8vo. Signed by the author on the title page. Printed wrappers, [6], 33 pp., foreword, illustrated, portraits, maps. Camp Cady was located on the Mojave Road which connected Los Angeles to Albuquerque. Non-Indian travel on this and the nearby Salt Lake Road was beset by Paiutes, Mohaves, and Chemehuevis defending their homeland. To protect both roads, Camp Cady was established by U.S. Dragoons in 1860. This protection provided by Camp Cady enabled travelers, merchandise, and mail using both roads to boost California's economy and growth. In 1866 a party of Indians approached the Camp Cady in a hostile demonstration. Twenty troopers charged after them. Five soldiers were killed in an ambush set up in the dense undergrowth along the river. In the aftermath, a posse arrived from San Bernardino to reinforce the fort. Attacks continued on the road. With requirements for pursuit patrols and train escorts, upwards of 120 men manned the fort at times. After peace was achieved, the military withdrew in 1871. Fine copy.

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