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The Art Of Drowning. by Frances. Fyfield

The Art Of Drowning.

by Frances. Fyfield

Publication: Little, Brown, 2006, London:

First edition. As new, unread copy in dust jacket. Rachel Doe is a shy accountant at a low ebb in life when she meets charismatic Ivy Wiseman at her evening class and her life changes for the better. Ivy is her complete opposite: strong, six years her senior and the romantic survivor of drug addiction, homelessness and the death of her child. Ivy does menial shift work, beholden to no one, and she inspires life; as do her farming parents, with their ramshackle house and its swan-filled lake, the lake where Ivy's daughter drowned. As Rachel grows closer to them all she learns how Ivy came to be married to Carl, the son of a WWII prisoner, as well as the true nature of that marriage to a bullying and ambitious lawyer who has become a judge and who denies her access to her surviving child. Rachel wants justice for Ivy, but Ivy has another agenda.

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