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Ten - Certificates Of Assay Buxton Mill Assay Company

Ten - Certificates Of Assay

Buxton Mill Assay Company

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Publication: Buxton Mill Assay Office, 1886, NP

Ten - 4" x 7 1/2" Certificates of Assay performed at the Buxton Mill Assay Office, September 10 - October 18, 1886, for the Steward Mining Company. Certificates include No.s 44, 56,68,69,71,74,75,77,86,& 88. Seven of the 10 certificates state that ore sample was left by a Mr. (later changed to Supt.) Clark. Assayer for 7 of 10 samples was B.F. Ankeny, Superintendent of Mines in South Dakota. The 3 remaining samples were assayed by M.H. Lyon. The 3 remaining certificates do not advise who offered the sample. All samples submitted contain gold and silver, ranging in gold from .1% - 1.1% and ranging in silver from 3% - 33.1%. Total values of submitted ores range from $16.36 to $55.83. All certificates have 3 vertical creases and have light wear to all extremities. Very good.

Inventory Number: 37299