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Tales Out Of School. CAROLYN WHEAT

Tales Out Of School.


Other works by CAROLYN WHEAT

Publication: Crippen & Landru Publishers, 2000, Norfolk

First edition. Limited to 225 clothbound copies signed and numbered by the author. This copy 118. Accompanying each copy is a separately printed pamphlet, Life, For Short by Carolyn Wheat. Fine in dust jacket. Author's first short story collection includes 19 stories featuring Cass Jameson, one of the first female lawyers in a crime series. In the title story, an abused child reacts to unexpected violence. In "Three Time Loser," Cass Jameson finds herself torn between her sympathy for an elderly woman and her job of giving the best defense for a young Jamaican immigrant. Throughout her work, Wheat is always sympathetic to the underdog and the helpless. Also included in the collection is a pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Angel's Trumpet.

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