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Slash Ranch Hounds. by  G .W. "Dub" Evans

Slash Ranch Hounds.

by G .W. "Dub" Evans

First edition. 8vo. Cloth, x, 244 [1] pp., foreword, introduction, illustrated from photographs. The Slash Ranch became part of the John Z. Means & Company's ranching interests and when purchased was known as the Running W brand, but the prevalent running brand was a Slash. Since it was easy to apply and easy to see the Slash brand was adopted. The Means Company had ranches in Reeves, Winkler, Ward, Loving, and Culbertson counties, centering on the Pecos River in west Texas. Much of cattle and ranching interest, but the area has many predators of cattle and much is said about hunting cougars, wolves, bears, etc. Contains one story by J. Frank Dobie, titled LION MARKERS. Fine in dust jacket. Missed by Adams' Rampaging Herd. Sharp copy.

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