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Short Trips On The Long Trail, A Footpath In The Wilderness

Short Trips On The Long Trail, A Footpath In The Wilderness

Publication: Green Mountain Club, nd (circa 1940's), Waterbury Center

9" x 32" sheet folded into 16 panels, Black and white map showing The Long Trail, Trunk Line Highways, Connecting Roads, et. al. Black and white photographs to include the Fay Fuller Camp on The Long Trail near Bennington; The Long Trail Lodge in Winter; the Mount Mansfield Region, et. al. Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, The Long Trail is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. The Long Trail follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border as it crosses Vermont's highest peaks. It was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail, which coincides with it for one hundred miles in the southern third of the state. Although the Long Trail is known as Vermont's "footpath in the wilderness," its character may more accurately be described as back country. As it winds its way to Canada, the Trail climbs rugged peaks and passes pristine ponds, hardwood forests and swift streams. The Long Trail is steep in some places, muddy in others, and rugged in most. Novice and expert alike will enjoy the varied terrain of the trail as it passes through the heart of Vermont's backwoods. Nice copy of a very informative pamphlet.

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