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Shakedown. by Gerald. Petievich


by Gerald. Petievich

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First edition. Fine in dust jacket. The setting is the underworld of Las Vegas. One of the residents, Eddie Sands, an ex-cop, ex-con, and a shakedown artist whose only weakness is his love for a beautiful girl who happens to be a con artist supreme herself. When Eddie decides to shakedown a famous Hollywood star, he sets off a chain of events that leads straight to the center of crime and punishment in Vegas, and brings down on himself the attentions of FBI Agent John Novak, a disillusioned law enforcement officer with bulldog tenacity. Novak uncovers a plot which takes him to the highest level of law enforcement, even to the steps of the White House, as he becomes aware that his own superiors may be betraying him, and that his own career, even his life, may be at stake.

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