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Sepulchre. by Kate. Mosse


by Kate. Mosse

Publication: Orion, 2007, London

First edition. Fine in fine dust jacket. October 1891: A young girl, Leonie Vernier, and her brother, Anatole, are invited to travel south to a mysterious country house, La Domaine de la Cade, near Carcassonne. There, in the ancient, dark woods, Leonie comes across a ruined sepulchre and is drawn into a century's old mystery of murder and a strange set of tarot cards that seem to hold enormous power over life and death. October 2007: Meredith Martin decides to take a break from her research trip in Paris and head down south to a beautiful hotel in the woods. She becomes fascinated by the history of the place and particularly by the tragic events of one Halloween night more than a century before that shocked the small community. Thus her fate becomes entwined with that of Leonie. It is only when she too stumbles over a secluded glade in the forest that she realizes that the secrets it contains are far from dead and buried.

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