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Promotional Advertising Card by George R. Fuller Co

Promotional Advertising Card

by George R. Fuller Co

3 1/4" x 4 3/4" full color advertising card. Message reads "Compliments of George R. Fuller Co., Established 1857, Rochester, N.Y. Manufacturers of Artificial Limbs, Trusses, ETD. Branches: 23 W. Swan Street, Buffalo, N. Y.; 50 N. Thirteenth St., Philadelphia, Pa. The color cover art is a picture of the U. S. Cruiser "Newark." This is one advertising card of a total of 15 that illustrates the various ships in the U. S. Navy. At the time a set of 15 could be purchased for 15 cents.The verso depicts "The Fuller Walkeasy Artificial Leg, "which has a foot with removable sponge rubber sole, and is the most ingenious and remarkable product of modern artificial limb construction." They also advertise trusses, elastic stockings, abdominal supporters, deformity appliances, crutches, etc., "all expertly made and fitted." The headquarters' address is 15-27 South Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Fine copy.

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