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Portland And The Pacific Northwest Portland Immigration Board

Portland And The Pacific Northwest

Portland Immigration Board

Other works by Portland Immigration Board

Publication: Portland Immigration Board, nd ca 1892, Seattle

First edition. 6 1/2" x 4 7/8" in light green printed wrappers, stitched at spine. Rear wrapper offers an advertisement for the Union Pacific Railroad with Portland as a hub of transportation in the region. 64pp. Illustrated with engravings of Portland buildings by Lewis & Dryden, Engravers, Portland. The first 25 pages relate specifically to Portland ... its location, transportation lines to include river and railroad lines, Portland's trade, its manufacturing, real estate investments, etc. The next 38 pages are devoted the entire northwest to include similar information. The booklet is full of facts and information in the hopes that people would come visit and then settle in the region. The engravings include Portland’s Chamber of Commerce Building, Union Depot, Portland Hotel, Marquam Block, Burrell Block; Grace M.E. Church, City Hall, Worchester Building, First Presbyterian Church, and Washington Building. Sun discoloration on front and rear wrappers and with 1/2" split to toe of spine. One of the best examples of this scarce publication that we have seen.

Inventory Number: 47005