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Pity Him Afterwards. DONALD E. WESTLAKE

Pity Him Afterwards.


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Publication: Random House, 1964, New York

First edition. Fine in dust jacket with minor professional restoration to spine ends and corners.The author's scarce fifth book and with an inked presentation inscription from the author on the title page. Brutal murderer Robert Ellington has escaped from a mental asylum. This is a man with a gift for mimicry and can easily take on the persona of others around him, even believing for short periods of time to be that person. Robert is extremely paranoid and is determined to punish those who wish to harm or mock him, resulting in an ever increasing body count. This madman sees a solution to evading his pursuers in a small town theater. He quickly finds that he likes his temporary home and has no intention of moving on. Can Robert stay undetected? Can he stay without killing again?

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