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Pilgrim's War


Other works by MICHAEL JECKS

Publication: Simon & Schuster, 2018, London

First edition. Signed by the author. As new, unread in fine dust jacket. The first book in a new crusader series. France, 1096. Crowds gather in Sens to hear the man known as the Hermit speak. He talks of a pilgrimage to the city of Jerusalem, one filled with promise for the Christian soldiers who march with him. Sybille knows the perils of the road ahead, but she has no choice. Her husband is a reckless gambler, easily swayed by the Hermit's words. She must follow her husband and join the great pilgrimage. For Odo, the pilgrimage is everything providing him an opportunity to demonstrate his faith and devotion. His brother Fulk seeks relief from boredom and the restraints of apprenticeship. Jeanne and Guillemette have been treated badly by the men in their lives and they feel this is their chance for redemption and a brighter future. On the long road to Jerusalem, each must survive as best they can. Who will live to reach it? Will the sacrifices they must make to get there be worth the price they all must pay?

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