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Photographic Post Card Of Pawnee Bill

Photographic Post Card Of Pawnee Bill

13.8 cm x 8.8 cm [5 7/16" x 3 1/2"] production of a circa 1888 photographic image of Pawnee Bill also known as Gordon William Lillie (1860-1942). Lillie, a showman, was at one time in his life a teacher in an industrial school at the Pawnee Agency in Indian Territory, where he learned the Pawnee language. He later was introduced to Buffalo Bill Cody where he was hired as interpreter for Pawnees taking part in the show that year. In 1888, he organized his own wild west show which toured briefly and then collapsed. In 1890 he again organized a wild west show and this time it prospered. With the show Lillie toured for almost twenty years, occasionally in Europe. From 1908-1913 he was a partner with Cody in the latter's productions, the two shows having merged; when the partnership was dissolved, Lillie returned to his 2,000 acre ranch near Pawnee, Oklahoma. He was active in work among the Pawnee Indians and for the perpetuation of the buffalo and established an Old Town and Indian Trading Post for the public, near Pawnee. His own place was called Pawnee Bill's Buffalo Ranch. We are not aware of other versions of this image during any era. A fine, splendid and clear image of Pawnee Bill.

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