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Photograph Album - Early 1900s, Acapulco, Mexico UNKNOWN

Photograph Album - Early 1900s, Acapulco, Mexico


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Publication: ca early 1900s, Acapulco

5" x 7" in black cloth with title (photographs) in gilt, housing 97 black and white photographs, sized approximately 4 1/2" x 6 1/2," and 7 black and white postcards, sized 3 1/2" x 5 1/2." All postcards are attached at top edges directly to pages. Several photographs are also attached at edges of prints in order that one can read what is written on the reverse side of the picture.... most times explaining the location, etc. of the photograph. Several photographs loose. All views are in and around Acapulco, Mexico and appear to have been taken in the early 1900s. Pictures include many locals and local scenes, working plantations, hollowed mahogany canoes, para grass fields, shipyard, offices of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company in Acapulco, scenery, ships in Acapulco harbor, many photos dealing with La Providencia, boat built of logs with machete, the Custom House in Acapulco, pictures of the home of “Presidente del Municipalidad,” Americans and Mexicans in front of Hotel Iguala, market scenes, cattle car of the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf railroad, chapel on La Providencia erected for the use of Prest. Alvarez, his family and friends; pictures of locals on horseback, homes, etc. Several photographs indicate that they were taken on Minnirsota(?) Plantation. Mention of a Mr. Del Toro and a Mr. Roach is mentioned on several of the photographs. Rear side of one photo states, “An old cotton manufacturing and — house, Acapulco. Obviously, the proprietors having made their fortunes and returned to Spain.” Another reads, “A native on Minnisota (?) Plantation showing exotic oranges, apples, bananas, tobacco, etc. all grown and gathered without cultivation.” According to the Fruit Trade Journal and Produce Record, February 16, 1907: “Invests $5,000,000 in Fruit Lands. - Mexico City, Feb 12. A party of capitalists from the western coast of the United States, headed by Mr. Arturo del Toro, of Chapala, Mexico, arrived yesterday from Acapulco, where they came by steamer from San Francisco. In the party, besides Mr. Del Toro, are” Moritz Thomsen, of Seattle, Wash., wealthy exporter; J.D. Trenholme, president of the Northwestern Steamship company; E.T. Barnette, Portland, Ore., multi-millionaire; G.L. Campbell, a large grain exporter of Portland; T.F. Ryan, whosesale fruit man of Seattle; Oscar Brown, also in the wholesale fruit business in Vancouver, B.C. and F.C. Stephens, who is extensively interested in Mexican property. This party has just closed a deal for two hundred thousand acres of land twenty miles from Acapulco, and will commence at once to put it in cultivation. A company has been formed with a capital of $5,000,000 gold to raise and ship tropical fruits from this property. Four years ago that country was comparatively unknown except for mining purposes, but since a trip of investigation made at that time by Mr. Del Toro, under the auspices of the government, several million acres of land have passed into the hands of investors, who will pit it into cultivation.” I believe that this album chronicles life in Acapulco of one of the individuals involved in this venture. Photographs generally clear and bright though several have chips, edges missing and creases. Still a great collection of photographs.

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