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Photograph Album - Caribbean & Venezuela - 1930s UNKNOWN

Photograph Album - Caribbean & Venezuela - 1930s


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Publication: ND (ca 1930), NP, ca 1930

7" x 12 1/4" in boards, tied at the spine. First page offers an itinerary of a 14-day cruise via the S.S. Rotterdam, leaving New York and traveling to St. Thomas (Caribbean), Caracas (Venezuela), Curacao (Dutch West Indies), Kingston (Jamaica) and back to New York. Album houses sixteen 5" x 7" black and white photographs attached to pages with corner mounts. Each photo with description. Photographs include overlooking the city of St. Thomas from Bluebeard's Castle; city street scene of St. Thomas; countryside scene of St. Thomas from Bluebeard's castle, native boys diving from boats into the water; country club in Caracas; bird's eye view of Caracas; the Caribbean Sea; the Venezuelan Andes; a young boy carrying a basket on his shoulders and leading 2 mules in Caracas; street scene in Curacao (Dutch West Indies); the city in Curacao; Pontoon Bridge in Curacao; the waterfront in Kingston (Jamaica); native going about their everyday activities in Kingston; and a native woman selling beads in Kingston. All photos with crisp detail.

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