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Petroleum: Discovery And Production.

Petroleum: Discovery And Production.

Publication: American Petroleum Institute, 1946, New York

First edition. 17" x 22' one sheet, printed in red and black, with eight 8 1/2' x 11" sections, illustrated. The front section is the front cover and depicts men working around an oil rig, the rear cover features petroleum production methods including flowing well, mechanical pumping, central pumping station, and artificial methods. The two-page internal section depicts and explains petroleum drilling methods, from spring pole to rotary rig to portable drilling rigs. The internal one-sheet that is comprised of four panels depicts and explains the search for oil which is never-ending, through seepage, anticline, fault, stratigraphic trap, and core-drilling methods. A lower portion of the same sheet details the complex methods and devices used to look for oil, including gravity-meter, seismograph, and under-water drilling. Fine copy.

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