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Part One. by Pope R. Hill Sr

Part One.

by Pope R. Hill Sr

Publication: Pope R Hill, Sr, 1947, NP

First edition. 8vo. Burnt orange colored decorated wrappers, v [1], 29 pp., introduction. De Waal 2043 says, "A pamphlet, deriving from Mr. Hill's book manuscript Dating Sherlock Holmes, in which the theory of 'a vast hidden substructure to the Sherlock Holmes stories' is adumbrated." In the preface, Hill states of his theory, "On one hand, the family of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finds in their home town bank a document their fathr left explaining the guiding priciples he used in constructing the world famous Sherlock Holmes stories. On the other hand, a mathematics teacher, thousands of miles away, deduces, years before its discovery, not only the existence of such a document (which the rest of the world never suspected), but also the essential material contained in this documents." Fine, bright copy of a rare booklet.

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