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Night Train. MARTIN AMIS

Night Train.


Publication: Jonathan Cape, 1997, London

First edition. Fine in fine dust jacket. Story is told from the perspective of Detective Mike Hoolihan, a hulking, chain-smoking, deep-voiced policewoman. This case is about the apparent suicide of Jennifer Rockwell, a beautiful young woman who had everything to live for ... youth, beauty, brains, a great job, friends, adoring parents, an attentive lover - - - why would she choose to shoot herself in the head? Why would she do it? Why now? Why a gun? Why so violent? Why choose to leave so many loved ones behind? To what end? Why? Why? Why? MikeA haunting inquest takes the reader into the deepest darkest parts of the unknowable. Along the way, we are asked to contemplate why anyone would take a one way ticket on the night train? Maybe, just maybe, she wonders, the appropriate question is not why, but, why not? Why not do the unthinkable? Why not jump into the emptiness? Why not? The answer, it seems, depends on whether you believe suicide is a way in or a way out. Where does that leave hard-boiled cop, Mike? Her unconventional answer comes rushing at you in the form of a suicide note entitled Night Train.

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