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Nez Perce Summer, 1877. The U.S. Army And The Nee-Me-Poo Crisis. JEROME A. GREENE

Nez Perce Summer, 1877. The U.S. Army And The Nee-Me-Poo Crisis.


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Publication: Montana Historical Society Press, 2000, Helena

First edition. 8vo. Light blue cloth, silver stamping on spine, xix [3], 554 pp., foreword, introduction and acknowledgments, maps, illustrated, epilogue, appendices, notes to pages, bibliography, index. Foreword by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. The story of a people's epic struggle to survive spiritually, culturally, and physically in the face of unrelenting military force. Examines the successive armed encounters between U.S. Army troops and a desperate body of Indians that occurred during the long summer of 1877. The author takes us on a three-and-a-half-month seventeen-hundred-mile journey across the wilds of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana territories. Explains the roots of the conflict in general and each battle specifically, which are all grounded in decades of federal government land grabs and white settlers' bad treatment of the Indians. Between 100 and 150 of the more than 800 Nez Perce men, women, and children who began the trek were killed during the war. Almost as many died in the months following surrender, after they were exiled to malaria-ridden northeastern Oklahoma. Army deaths numbered 113. The casualties, on both sides, were an extraordinary price for a war that nobody wanted, but whose history has since intrigued generations of Americans. The book is certain to become the standard for the Nez Perce War. Fine in dust jacket.

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