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Navajo Sandcast Silver Bolo With Large Turquoise Stone JEWELER UNKNOWN

Navajo Sandcast Silver Bolo With Large Turquoise Stone


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Publication: Purchased from Adobe Gallery,12/2021, Santa Fe

This sandcast Navajo bolo tie is simple and unique. The artist had a vision and executed it with skill—this bolo is where functionality meets appeal. An original shape, the sandcast element is both celestial and reminiscent of the fleur de lys. With a fan-like crown, the shape features pieces that separate and reach outward like the branches of coral on the sides and bottom. A twisted piece of silver appliqué borders the serrated bezel connecting it with texture and visual interest to the sandcast silver base. The bezel itself reaches up and encases the central stone all along its edges. The artist chose a very uniquely sea-foam green colored piece of turquoise with rich brown matrixes. Easily clipped to a braided leather tie, this bolo is capped with two-inch silver conical beads each stamped with a leaf pattern and terminating in small, ridged gourd-shaped elements. Size: Bolo 3" tall x 2" wide. What is a Bolo Tie? The Bola or Bolo tie is a Western fashion staple, hailed for its comfort and versatility. Employing several types of clasps, the bolo tie can be worn with a closed or loosened collar. In the 1930's, Navajo men would fasten a silver concha to their necks with a string. The bolo tie is also traced to the neckerchiefs worn by Boy Scouts and Argentine cowboys. In the United States bolo ties are widely associated with Western wear, and are common in the western areas of the country. New Mexico passed a non-binding measure to designate the bolo as the state's official neckwear in 1987. The State Legislature adopted the bolo tie as the official State Tie on March 13, 2007. Source: Maggie Toulouse Oliver, New Mexico Secretary of State. Condition: This silver and turquoise bolo tie has some patina to the silver and is in very good condition. Provenance: This Navajo Sandcast Silver Bolo with Large Turquoise Stone is from an estate in eastern Washington.

Inventory Number: 48839