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More Wild Westerns  Bill Pronzini [Edited By]

More Wild Westerns

Bill Pronzini [Edited By]

Publication: 1932

First edition. Signed. Fine in dust jacket. Thirteen stories that originally appeared in the Western and adventure pulps of 1920 - 1953. Stories include The Horse Thief by Charles Alden Seltzer; The West's Number One Problem by Ryerson Johnson; The Drifter by W. C. Tuttle; Gamblin' Man by Dwight V. Swain; The Mestenos by H.A. DeRosso; Long Guns and Scalp Knives by William R. Cox; Dig My Grave Deep by Talmage Powell; The Big Hunt by Elmore Leonard; The Plague Boat by Frank Bonham; The Last Pelt by Bryce Walton; Comanche Passport by Will Henry; The Naked Gun by John Jakes; and Bonanza! by Dan Cushman.

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