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Mickey Free Manhunter A. KINNEY GRIFFITH

Mickey Free Manhunter


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Publication: The Caxton Printers, Ltd, 1969, Caldwell

First Edition. Leather with gilt imprint on front and spine. 239pp. Many illustrations, most from old photographs. An excellent account of the life of this Indian scout and his activities on the Arizona frontier; Geronimo, John Clum, Tombstone, Al Sieber, Tom Horn, San Carlos Reservation, etc. A fine, bright copy bound in full leather, as produced by the printer. Gilt imprint on spine and front cover is identical to trade copies, with the exception of the addition on the front cover of a gilt imprint of Mickey Free that is identical to the photograph on the front of the dust jacket of the trade copies. There is a heavy clear mylar dust jacket that appears to be original. Signed presentation by the author on half-title. We find no record of a leather-bound copy of this book, yet it is clearly as produced by The Caxton Printers; likely a few special copies produced for the author and/or publisher. Rare as such.

Inventory Number: 52025