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Martin Hewitt, Investigator. ARTHUR MORRISON

Martin Hewitt, Investigator.


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Publication: Ward, Lock & Bowden, Limited, 1894, London

First edition. Illustrated by Sidney Paget. Spine a bit faded else a very good, solid copy. As Vincent Starrett once wrote: "After Holmes, the deluge!" Martin Hewitt is the only contemporary imitator of Sherlock Holmes to survive the years. Queen's Quorum 18 says "Imitators multiplied rabbidly, and if you look closely, you will see the same spawning process going on still. The Holmes pattern persists even today. Of Doyle's contemporary imitators the most durable (indeed the only important one to survive the years) is the private investigator, a man of awe-inspiring technical and statistical knowledge, in Arthur Morrison's MARTIN HEWITT, INVESTIGATOR." Seven well-written short stories that feature Martin Hewitt and his able assistant, Brett, a journalist. A Haycraft/Queen Cornerstone mystery and Queen's Quorum # 18.

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