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Ku Klux Kismet, Music For The Ku Klux Klan GUE, MARY [MUSIC BY]

Ku Klux Kismet, Music For The Ku Klux Klan


Other works by GUE, MARY

Publication: Published By Walter Ardrell Riggs, n d (1924), Aransas Pass, Texas

31 x 23.5 cm (12 3/16" x 9 1/4") Sheet music for the song "Ku Klux Kismet" by Mary Gue. The sheet music has six pages (including covers) and is printed on white paper with black and red ink. The front cover features an image of a Ku Klux Klan member riding a horse and holding an American flag in his right, outstretched hand. His other hand is holding the reins of the horse. Both the rider and the horse are wearing robes and hoods with KKK symbols on it. Another KKK member is on the right side of the cover holding a flaming cross. Printed at the top of the cover is "Ku Klux Kismet / MARCH." At the top right corner of the cover is "MUSIC BY / MARY GUE / ARRANGED BY / WALTER ARDRELL RIGGS." Printed at the bottom left corner is "PRICE 60 CENTS" and "PUBLISHED BY / WALTER ARDRELL RIGGS / ARANSAS PASS, TEXAS." The printed words and image are printed with red ink. The back cover of the sheet music is blank. A fine, bright copy and a striking front cover image.

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