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Gripped By Drought. ARTHUR W. UPFIELD

Gripped By Drought.


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Publication: McMillan, 1990, Missoula

Artwork for first U.S. edition measures 13-1/8" x 20-1/4." The artwork is done by Joe Servello and signed by him in the lower right hand corner. The work is fine and suitable to be matted and framed. This is the story about the impact of a three years' drought on the gigantic Atlas sheep station. The hero is Feng Ching-wei, a diligent station manager of Chinese descent, who looks after the interests of his lifelong friend Frank Mayne. Mayne's intelligence and leadership qualities, sorely needed during the drought, are nullified by his preoccupation with the emotional complications of his loveless marriage. Because of Feng's strength of character and discretion, Atlas is saved from financial ruin, and Frank Mayne gets a new lease on life. An excellent story!!

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