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Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford by George Randolph Chester

Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford

by George Randolph Chester

Publication: Henry Artemus Company, 1908, Philadelphia

First edition. Inscribed to the author's daughter by the author, "To Daughter Alida with the love of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. R. Chester, College Hill, Cincinnati, O. May 21 - 09." Spine letters faded out, else a very good copy of an elusive Queen's Quorum title. Queen's Quorum 39 says, "The grandiose Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford started his bigtime bamboozling and no apter description of the book can be devised than its own subtitle: A Cheerful Account of the Rise and Fall of an American Business Buccaneer." "Stories to the live business men of America, those who have been "stung" and those who have yet to undergo that painful experience." A book of stories built about a single theme of the separation of the fool and his money.

Inventory Number: 37310