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Four Color Polychrome Parrot Jar From Acoma Pueblo STARR

Four Color Polychrome Parrot Jar From Acoma Pueblo


Publication: Starr, n d (ca 1940), Acoma Pueblo

This Four Color Polychrome Parrot Jar was made at Acoma Pueblo and signed with the name of "STARR." It is always frustrating to see a beautifully executed jar that is signed only with a single name, and a name we are unable to identify to a potter of today or from the past. This jar is signed with the name STARR. Unfortunately we have not yet located who that potter is or was. The medium for this jar is clay and pigment and it is 10 1/4" height x 10 1/4" diameter. It was made at Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico in the 1940's by a potter named "Starr." This is an exquisitely formed vessel with perfect dimensions. It sits level and straight. It was designed and painted beautifully with double rainbows, flowers, and parrots. Each parrot stands on a floral vine while eating seeds from a flowering stem. The parrots and one arch of the rainbow are deep red in color. One rainbow arch is orange and the parrots embellished with orange elements. Between the pair of rainbows are black rectangles with white stripes and an elaborate triangular design pendant from the rim. Every element of the design was applied with absolute precision. The potter was very experienced in forming a vessel, envisioning a design, and applying the design with perfection. It is too bad she cannot be given credit for such a magnificent work of art. Perhaps one day someone will recognize the work or the name "STARR" and advise us of her full name. This Acoma Polychrome Parrot Jar is in very good condition.

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