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Found In The Street. by Patricia Highsmith

Found In The Street.

by Patricia Highsmith

Publication: Heinemann, 1986, London

First edition. 8vo. Signed on the title page by the author. Fine in a bright dust jacket. 20th Crime and Mystery Writers says, "... is an even more discomforting analysis of urban alienation and the dislocation of values, worked out through an inspection of contemporary New York life. In its unpretentious way, it is a much more provocative and caustic novel than many more lauded productions, like Tom Wolfe's BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES." Ralph Linderman, a middle-aged security guard, finds a wallet and takes it to its owner, artist Jack Sutherland who lives with his bi-sexual wife, Natalia. Elsie Tyler is a beautiful young waitress who attracts the attention not only of Jack, but also that of his bi-sexual wife ... resulting in a sexually tinged friendship. Elsie tells that Ralph continually harasses her by warning her away from "bad company." Trouble results from Ralph, as well as from Elsie's lesbian lovers, and the result is murder.

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