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Fort Hays, Frontier Army Post, 1865-1889. LEO E. OLIVA

Fort Hays, Frontier Army Post, 1865-1889.


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Publication: Kansas State Historical Society, 1980, Topeka

First edition. Stiff pictorial wrappers, 66 pp., numerous illustrations. With the end of the American Civil War (1865), railroad builders and settlers began to push further west into central Kansas and this was the cause of increasing clashes with the Native American tribes occupying that region. To provide protection for those traveling along the Smoky Hill Trail and the stagecoaches of the Butterfield Overland Dispatch, in October 1865 the Army constructed a military outpost near the trail layout and near the Big Creek River, in western Kansas. Between 1868 and 1870, Fort Hays was the base of operations for some major campaigns against the Indian tribes of the Great Plains. A well-written account of the history of Fort Hays. Near fine.

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