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Engineer's Report On The Milwaukee And Mississippi Rail Road For The Year 1850 KILBOURN, BYRON [CHIEF ENGINEER, MILWAUKEE AND MISSISSIPPI RAIL ROAD]

Engineer's Report On The Milwaukee And Mississippi Rail Road For The Year 1850


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Publication: Sentinel and Gazette Steam Press, 1851, NP, 1898

8 1/2" x 5 1/2" in light peach wrappers though missing the front wrapper. 15 pp. Illustrations. Map. Although it eventually became a transcontinental railroad, the railroad that became the Milwaukee Road began as the Milwaukee and Waukesha Railroad, whose goal was to link the developing Lake Michigan port city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the Mississippi River. The company incorporated in 1847, but changed its name to the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad in 1850 before construction began. A report to the Board of Directors explaining that the railroad is not completed to Waukesha as was expected and offering reasons for the delay in its completion. "Considering our small beginning, only a little over one year ago - that we have relied solely on the resources of the people of Wisconsin for the means of prosecuting this enterprise - without seeking foreign aid - with only the small contributions of each of our thousand Stockholders, and the credits based on the securities of our city and citizens, we have in that time completed the grade of our Road for twenty and a half miles, laid the Track, and brought into actual use the half of that distance - and will have the whole completed, and in successful operation, by the middle of February next." Information on estimated and actual costs of the First Division, extending the road from Milwaukee to Waukesha. It appears that actual costs far exceeded estimates, "but that has been the result of peculiar circumstances under which the work has been performed, and by the adoption of a rail of greater weight than that estimated." It was determined that the contractors to whom jobs had been given at lower costs were inexperienced and inefficient, resulting in their work having to be re-done. Furthermore, the delay was caused by some stockholders not promptly paying the small installment of only 5% every three months, thus leaving a deficit. Also, a bank in a marsh sunk and had to be built back up. Th cost of constructing the first twenty and 1/2 miles is only $9,495 per mile. Report ends with the reassurance that the Road will be complete by February and, if weather permits, perhaps even earlier. 8 1/4" x 21 1/2" map of the Milwaukee and Mississippi Rail-Road. Map is neatly torn in half at one fold and has 1 1/2 - 2" closed tears to tops of a couple folds. Front wrapper missing along with 3" split to toe of spine and with light wear to the extremities.

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